A Message For Music Lovers

The days are getting longer, the weather is warming up and summer events all over New Mexico are accommodating our inner party animals.

Want to experience live music under the sun without traveling to California for Coachella? Look no further than Taos, NM. Cali may have Lady Gaga and DJ Khaled, but Taos has guitars, cadillacs and hillbilly music! That’s right, Dwight Yoakam will be performing live along with The Mavericks and The Last Bandoleros at Kit Carson Park on July 29. You don’t have to journey too far from home to watch a Grammy Award winning performance. Click here for more details and ticket information.

Taos has become a hotspot for outdoor concerts over the years. There will be many other musical festivities held in the park throughout the summer season. A star-studded lineup consists of bands like Ozomatli, Michael Franti and Spearhead, as well as classically trained artists from the Institute of Music in Philadelphia.

Distance doesn’t define an adventure. These activities are well within reach for fellow New Mexicans. There is no shortage of instate entertainment!

Testimonials from the Trapped: ABQ-Live Survived The Escape Room, Can You?



The ABQ-Live Interns took a trip to The NM Escape Room. They survived with a few tales to tell.


I walk in with three other people. I have no idea what to look for or where to start. There are locks everywhere and somehow we have to figure out how to unlock them. There are hidden clues throughout the room, and all we have to do is use these clues to solve puzzles. It sounds simple, right? But when you are being timed, suddenly the pressure to finish is on. As we find the rest of our group, we all come together to solve the puzzles we wouldn’t be able to solve alone. The Escape Room here in Albuquerque was the perfect way to give our group the push we needed to work together. I was surrounded by people I had only known for two weeks, some I had just met that day, but somehow we all came out acting like we had known one another for years. The Escape Room has great opportunities for team building and getting to know one another. Can you beat the time?

By: Amanda Korfe


I’m locked in a room with eight other people. A room filled with codes, locks, and puzzles. A friend of mine was working on a report that could possibly connect the Watergate scandal to the assassination of JFK. I have an hour to find the article and publish it. Can I do it? One clue leads to another but all of a sudden I’m stumped. The only way to make it out is by coming together with my group to solve the mystery and escape. The Escape Room in Albuquerque provided me with the chance work together and collaborate on ideas to solve clues with people that I had barely met. The tasks are simple, but when the clock is ticking and the next clue is nowhere to be found, emotions run high and suddenly everyone is in a scramble to find it.

By: Adrianna Vigil


Do you think you could handle the pressure? Get a group together and discover for yourself whether you can solve your way out of The Escape Room!


Come on Down! Geoffrey Viracocha, from Albuquerque NM, got his shot on the Price is Right!


CBS announces the reality stars who will "come on down" and play THE PRICE IS RIGHT alongside super fans of their respective shows during the reality-show themed primetime specials, Monday, May 23 -- Wednesday, May 25 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Each special will be hosted by Drew Carey and celebrate one of the Network's reality series: SURVIVOR, BIG BROTHER and THE AMAZING RACE, featuring special appearances by each show's hosts, Jeff Probst, Julie Chen and Phil Keoghan.    Photo: Bret Hartman/CBS ©2016 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Photo: Bret Hartman/CBS ©2016 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Geoffrey Viracocha from Albuquerque, NM will be appearing on an upcoming episode of the longest running game-show in television history and network television’s #1-rated daytime series, The Price is Right. Next week, The Price is Right is airing a prime-time special for Big Brother reality series fans and Geoffrey had a chance to “Come on Down” and win a sensational selection of prizes. This once in a lifetime opportunity for your local resident will be airing on Tuesday, May 24, 2016 but you can watch it before it airs here: 


The Price is Right  prime-time special, hosted by Drew Carey, celebrates the essence of Big Brother throughout the episode. Featured will be special appearances by Big Brother host Julie Chen and former house guests will partner and play alongside Geoffrey. Also all of the contestants sitting in the audience are super fans of Big Brother.


ABQ-Live the Magazine’s own Adrianna Vigil had a chance to interview Geoffrey before the air date of the episode. Check out that interview below:

What made you interested in being on The Price Is Right, and what was the application process like?

I have been a TPIR and Big Brother fan for a while and the two shows were joining for an event so my housemate and I decided to go and at least partake and sit in the audience. The process of actually going through to get in was an experience in itself. The line and the people and energy that were there who were potential contestants in the line was awesome.

Have you always been a fan of the show? If so, did this inspire you to apply? If not, what recently sparked your interest of being on TPIR?

I’ve watched the show since it made a return, which I think they said was 44 years ago, I do remember that because I’m old enough, (laughs). So I watched it growing up. I never dreamed that I would be there so it wasn’t something that I was preparing to do or anticipated doing.

While on the show, was there anything interesting or unexpected about the set, production, host, etc.?

I didn’t know what to expect. Drew (the host) was very nice, very personable. All around a great experience.

What was the most memorable experience of being on network television’s #1 rated daytime series?

The whole thing was surreal. It was amazing, the energy. It was like being in a dream, it really was. I loved every minute of it.

Describe what emotions you felt when they said “Come on Down, Geoffery Viracocha.”

Um, shocked! I hugged my roommate and it’s like a whirlwind when you get called. You just start running. All the excitement is just overwhelming.

Did previously watching the show give you helpful insight or tactics to winning any of the games?

I watched it for many years. It’s not that I was doing any preparation by any means. I did play the little game with myself at the store like grocery shopping and stuff like that to see how close I could get to the price. But it’s just a little thing I do and if anyone is with me I would make them do it too.

If you were unsure about something, such as the price of an item, would you side more with what the audience was saying or your own intuition?

Well I think in that situation and being in an environment where the excitement is so high it’s really hard to have a though process when you’re that excited, so I think the feedback from the audience is so valuable. I would take the advice and what people were saying to me and I would process it and see if that was something I wanted to do.

Was there any support from your family/friends in the audience?

They didn’t know I was going. I only had my roommate. No one knew until it was all said and done and then I told my family I went.

Would you encourage other fans of The Price Is Right to go on the show? If so, what advice would you give them?

I would suggest to go. If you have an opportunity to go, absolutely do it. It’s a lot of fun the whole process. Waiting in line, the interview process and going in was fun on its own. When you’re actually inside it’s exhilarating. Even before I got called, there’s a lot going on. It was great, I totally suggest it.

Being on the longest- running game show is a once in a lifetime opportunity, what will you take away from this experience? 

Have fun, don’t take yourself too seriously. I had a really good time. The best thing was having fun and living in the moment.

While on stage, in front of many people and on a nationally aired show, did you ever think of the viewers that would be seeing you or were you more focused on the games? 

It was such an exciting and fun experience. My thoughts were only of the here and now. (Then, during the taping.) 

How did the cast of Big Brother being at TPIR effect the show? Were there any differences, did it add to the energy or effect the audience, etc.?

  The cast from Big Brother are larger than life and over the top energy. Of course they had a huge impact on everyone there.  

Was Big Brother being a part of TPIR a big reason why you wanted to attend the show? Why?

  Absolutely! I watch both show and it was a huge opportunity!  

After experiencing being on a game show, would you like to participate in any other game shows? Why or why not?

  I would love the opportunity to do more game shows. I had such a great time, and the high energy was something I truly appreciate. 

 Why did you not tell any of your family members that you were going on a game show? What was their reaction when they found out?

  I made plans to go on my only day off that week. So, it did not seem, at the time, that it was going to be something that I needed to express to them. 

I think they were shocked when I told them that I went. 

 What differed in the show from watching it on television vs. actually being there?

 There was so much more going on behind the scene’s that I had no idea about. All of the staff were super friendly and they were seasoned in giving direction to an overwhelm contestant.

 When called down, was there any way you represented your hometown or was there anyone you gave a shout out to on national television?

As we all know, Drew gives opportunity for contestants to give a shout out to friends and family.