Staying up late, drinking, going on dates, and stressing out about college is pretty much what are 20’s consist of. In order to make it to your 30’s here are some simple foods you can eat that won’t break your bank account.

    1. Salmon is full Omega 3 fatty acids, tons of protein, and lots of vitamins.
    1. Greek Yogurt would be the perfect mid day snack and is full of calcium which is good for your bones.
    1. Beans are something you see a lot in the food here in New Mexico but did you know that dry beans are better for you than canned beans? They are full of protein and potassium.
    1. Berries of any kind have high amounts of fiber and antioxidants. Shakes and smoothies are a good way to get your berry on.
    1. Eggs are cheap, easy to cook, and filled with Vitamin B and protein.
    1. Quinoa would be a good side dish for your salmon or a good start off to your day to eat for breakfast and contains all of your essential amino acids.
    1. Apples are pretty cheap, easy to pack on the go, and are high in fiber.