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From Dairy to Dank | Pecos Valley Production

Take a look inside Pecos Valley Production In the summer of 1947, a rancher discovered unidentifiable debris in his sheep pasture outside Roswell, New Mexico. Although officials from the local Air Force base asserted that it was a crashed weather balloon, many people believed it was the remains of an extraterrestrial flying saucer; a series...

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Cannaceutics Inc
CG Corrigan – Albuquerque
Everest Apothecary – North Valley
Everest Apothecary – South Valley
Everest Apothecary – Northeast Heights
Everest Apothecary – Uptown
Everest Apothecary – Westside
Grass Roots RX – San Mateo
GrassRoots RX – Albuquerque Coors
Harvest Foundation
Healthy Education Society
High Desert Relief
High Desert Relief – Albuquerque
Minerva Canna – Alameda
Minerva Canna – Albuquerque (Gibson)
Natural Rx – Alameda
Natural Rx – Lead Ave
Organtica – Albuquerque
PurLife Dispensary – Tramway Blvd
PurLife Dispensary – Menaul Blvd
PurLife Dispensary – Montgomery Blvd
R. Greenleaf Organics – NE Heights
R. Greenleaf Organics – Cottonwood
R. Greenleaf Organics – Midtown
R. Greenleaf Organics – Nob Hill
R. Greenleaf Organics – Westside
Sacred Garden – ABQ – San Mateo
Sacred Garden – ABQ – Green Jeans
Sandia Botanicals
Seven Clover – Nob Hill
Seven Clover – Juan Tabo
Shift New Mexico – ABQ – Jefferson
Shift New Mexico – ABQ – Montgomery
Southwest Organic Producers
Southwest Organic Producers (SWOP) – Downtown Lofts
Southwest Wellness Center – ABQ – Montgomery
Southwest Wellness Center – ABQ – 98th Street
Southwest Wellness Center – ABQ – San Pedro
The Verdes Foundation – Albuquerque
Ultra Health – North Valley
Ultra Health – SE Heights
Ultra Health – South Valley
Ultra Health – Nob Hill
Ultra Health – NE Albuquerque
Ultra Health – Westside
Urban Wellness – Carmel
Urban Wellness – Paradise
Urban Wellness – San Mateo
Minerva Canna – Bernalillo
Ultra Health – Bernalillo

Silver City


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• Most dispensaries require registration in order to validate your information
• Be ready with your state-issued ID and physician prescription and associated medical documentation
• Inquire about scheduling an appointment (dispensaries can get busy)
• Don’t be upset if you have to wait in a waiting room until it’s your turn. This increases privacy between both customers and budtenders.
• You may be able to examine and even smell the buds before making a purchase
• Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Budtenders are highly trained and experienced in helping patients find the right strains, doses and more.
• Lots of dispensaries accept cash only, so it helps to come prepared. ATMs on-premise or near the dispensary are generally abundant but often have high fees. Debit and credit cards are being used more and more at dispensaries. If this is a concern or you, call ahead to the dispensary of your choice.


Swing for the Green – NM Cann – 09/23/2022

On September 23rd, 2022 teams gathered at the Paradise Hills Golf Course to compete in the Swing for the Green Golf Tournament hosted by NM Cann! NM Cann hosted a golf tournament dubbed "Swing for...

Pecos Valley Production Community Gathering

Pecos Valley Production hosted an event to give back to the Albuquerque community on June 4th, 2022. Everybody gathered their skates and good vibes to join together at the recently opened West Side PVP on...

Albuquerque welcomes its first Cannabis Wedding on 4-20-2022

By Nichole Harwood  The streets of Albuquerque were alight with celebration as New Mexicans throughout the state recognized the first 4/20 after state legalization of cannabis took place on April 1st. Among the excitement, two...

ABQ Live Release Party – Ibiza Urban Lounge – 3/24/2022

ABQ Live release party at Ibiza Urban Lounge on Thursday, March 24, 2022. Ibiza Urban Lounge was the place to be on Thursday as they hosted the ABQ Live the Magazine hosted a release party...


THINGS TO REMEMBER AT HARVEST TIME Article contributed by Marlex Consultations Under newly adopted NM House Bill 2, every adult 21 and older (with a maximum of two per household) may grow their own cannabis, consisting...


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