What time is the Superbowl? Who is Marshawn Lynch? Don’t know? That’s okay, Google it! And you did, America. Millions and millions of times. And why wouldn’t you?! Google makes everyone’s lives easier but when it comes to America’s favorite past time…are we REALLY asking who Marshawn Lynch is when this is his SECOND consecutive Superbowl appearance… tsk tsk, America. Talk about embarrassing.

What else did we ask Google? See for yourself!


“How long is the Superbowl?”

It’s long, people. 4+ hours to be exact.


roman numerals
Why are we Googling this? Just pay attention. They say it constantly throughout the game, on television, word of mouth… 49th SUPERBOWL. 49th!!!

“Who is the Seahawks quarterback?”

No big deal…

“Yellow line football”



“What are downs in football?”

It’s a 10 (or more) yard gain, people. Not rocket science.

“Who is in the Superbowl?”


If you really don’t know this question… you shouldn’t be watching the Superbowl. This is how bandwagon fans are made.

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