Dan Brockett

Dan Brockett is a man’s man. He likes whiskey, fast cars, and pretty women. He has also climbed his way up from humble beginnings and now competes at the top level of his sport; Formula Drift.

He still races with the famous Nissan 240SX chassis and refuses to go V8 like many of his competitors. His fame has grown exponentially, credited to the success of the YouTube video “Motorcycle vs. Car Drift 2.” Dan was featured in the short film after local legend and Indy race car driver Jim Guthrie totaled his car and suffered a neck injury in New Jersey. Alongside motorcycle veteran riders Nick “Apex” Brocha and Ernie “E-Dub” Vigil, Brocket takes on the role of Officer Dan. Brockett showcases both phenomenal drift action and great comedic skills.

Recently a wild rollover car crash proved costly, but Dan rebuilt a new car for competition. The new car was featured in the YouTube video “The Drift Apocalypse.”

What followed were more videos and publication fame, and Dan has since earned the title as Albuquerque’s most popular drifter.

Dan began drifting about 6 years ago at a drift event in Colorado with his fellow buddies Travis and CJ. Dan then decided to fully take on the sport and sold his Volkswagen Corrado and he purchased a 1989 Nissan 240SX with only 94 horsepower. Sponsorship from Emphasis Motorsports helped Dan maintain a strong ride and he has since kept this vehicle as his trademark.

As Dan begins the 2014 season he hopes to build a solid crew and a well-developed platform to showcase his skills.

Dan recognizes that it will take time to compete at the highest level of Formula Drift, but for now he hopes to win the Rookie Of The Year Award. Getting more sponsors involved for his team is another goal for Dan as the new season appears promising.

The most difficult thing that Dan deals with as a driver is the money, but Dan always pushes to make his dreams become reality. He cashed out his 401k savings account and as a privateer he seeks to find a title sponsor calling out to any organization willing to help. As the season kicks off Brockett’s fans can be sure that the team is giving 100%.

To keep up with Dan Brocket and the Formula Drift circuit visit his blog at www.danbrockettdrift.com and you can find Dan on social media via Facebook and Twitter.

Interview by Richard Sandoval

Written by Daniel Cruz