In a candid and insightful interview with ABQ-Live, Brendon Small, the creative force behind the iconic metal band Dethklok and the beloved animated series “Metalocalypse,” opened up about his latest endeavors, including the release of “Army of the Doomstar” and his thoughts on the future of metal music.

From his humble beginnings as a musician and comedian to becoming a legend across multiple entertainment platforms, Brendon Small’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable. When asked about his feelings about being hailed as a legend, Small humbly acknowledged his gratitude for the opportunity to explore various creative avenues. “Just the act of doing it to me is the whole reason I’m here,” he expressed.

Reflecting on the creation of “Army of the Doomstar,” the fourth installment of the Dethklok saga, Small shared his experiences of exhaustion and exhilaration during the production process. “It’s like your parents caught you smoking, and they make you smoke a whole pack,” he quipped. However, despite the challenges, Small emphasized the satisfaction of completing a project that resonates with fans.

The fan response to “Army of the Doomstar” has been overwhelmingly positive, according to Small. After a decade since the show’s conclusion, the clamor from fans for more Dethklok content has only intensified. Small attributes this enthusiastic reception to the dedicated fan base that kept the spirit of “Metalocalypse” alive over the years.

Small’s dedication to his craft extends beyond the screen and stage. He described the meticulous planning behind the immersive live experience of Dethklok’s tours, aiming to provide audiences with an unforgettable spectacle that transcends traditional concert experiences.

During the interview, Small also touched upon the evolving landscape of animation and his influences, ranging from classic Disney films to cult favorites like “Fire and Ice” and “Perfect Blue.” He expressed a desire to push the boundaries of animation and create a unique visual style that sets his work apart.

As for the future of metal music, Small remains optimistic, believing that the genre will continue to evolve and shapeshift. He emphasized the importance of individual creativity and passion in driving musical innovation, highlighting the role of artists in shaping the direction of the genre.

In closing, Brendon Small’s insights offer a glimpse into the mind of a visionary artist who continues to push the boundaries of creativity. With “Army of the Doomstar” and his ongoing contributions to metal music and animation, Small’s legacy is set to endure for years to come.

To catch Brendon Small live in action, don’t miss Dethklok’s upcoming tour, including a stop in Albuquerque at Revel on April 19th. Get ready to experience the Metalocalypse firsthand and witness the immersive spectacle of Dethklok’s electrifying performances.

Article by Ian Raphael Black – Writer-Director at Killer Mantis Productions

Photos Courtesy of Instagram

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