By Nichole Harwood 

The streets of Albuquerque were alight with celebration as New Mexicans throughout the state recognized the first 4/20 after state legalization of cannabis took place on April 1st. Among the excitement, two New Mexicans took the festivities to another level pledging their love for each other by saying “I do” for their wedding as the clock struck 4:20 p.m.

Cannabis Wedding

The wedding celebration occurred at one of ABQ’s newest dispensaries, New Heights Dispensary. For Vice President of Operations for New Heights Dispensary and The GoldenPeach Glass House LB Johnson the cannabis wedding was the first of many to come. 

“It’s life-changing! I like to set new trends if you will. I didn’t bring 4/20 to Albuquerque, but I wanted to do something different, creative, and futuristic – I’m excited to have this (wedding here), and it will be the first of many! They can call us the 4/20 Wedding Chapel if they want to!” he said with a cheerful laugh. 

After the ceremony, celebrations ensued, with couples taking multiple images throughout the new dispensary posing with the artwork as they commemorated their union with family and friends. 

The future LB Johnson said is bright for New Heights Dispensary, “New Heights Dispensary is literally going to take you to higher heights. We’re always looking to do something different; even with our growers, we’re like no other- we’re bringing a party to Albuquerque, and this time we’re bringing that good weed legally as licensed growers to Albuquerque, New Mexico, and we’re going to have a good time doing it!”

Photos by Thomas Harwood

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