As spring blooms across Albuquerque, Cheba Hut, the renowned sandwich shop with a twist, is gearing up for its annual 420 Block Party—an event that has become synonymous with camaraderie, celebration, and the vibrant culture of cannabis.

In an exclusive interview with ABQLive the Magazine, the owner of Cheba Hut shares insights into the inspiration behind the event, its significance to the community, and what attendees can anticipate this year.

The roots of Cheba Hut’s 420 Block Party lie in a deep-seated commitment to embracing the culture and spirit of 420. “It’s about unity, activism, and progress within the cannabis
community,” explains the owner, Isaac Montoya. For Cheba Hut, the event serves as a platform to honor this legacy while advocating for continued legalization and destigmatization efforts.

This year’s 420 Block Party promises to surpass all expectations. Attendees can look forward to an eclectic lineup of live music from local artists, side-splitting comedy acts, dazzling car displays from enthusiast clubs, live art demonstrations, interactive games, and, of course, an array of delectable food offerings. With special promotions and surprises planned throughout the day, the event is set to be a highlight of the spring season.

At Cheba Hut, the spirit of 420 permeates every aspect of the festivities. From themed
decorations to specially curated menu items, the event creates an immersive experience that celebrates cannabis culture in a positive and meaningful way. “We want everyone to feel welcome and inspired by the experience,” the owner shares.

What sets Cheba Hut’s 420 Block Party apart is its unwavering commitment to authenticity and community engagement. “We strive to create an atmosphere that fosters belonging and acceptance among attendees,” emphasizes the owner. By providing a platform for advocacy, celebration, and connection, Cheba Hut actively contributes to the local cannabis culture and community.

Through interactive workshops, informational sessions, and engaging activities, Cheba Hut aims to promote advocacy and education in a fun and approachable way. “We prioritize providing a safe and inclusive space where attendees can learn about cannabis and CBD,” explains the owner. By combining entertainment with education, Cheba Hut empowers attendees to make informed choices and embrace the potential of cannabis for positive change.

As the countdown to the 420 Block Party begins, Albuquerque residents and cannabis enthusiasts alike are eagerly anticipating a day filled with music, laughter, delicious food, and community bonding. Cheba Hut invites everyone to join in the celebration and immerse themselves in the vibrant culture of 420 on April 20, 2024, at all New Mexico locations.

Cheba Hut’s 420 Block Party stands as a testament to its commitment to cannabis advocacy, community engagement, and celebration. By providing a platform for unity, activism, and progress within the cannabis community, Cheba Hut invites attendees to join in destigmatizing cannabis and embracing its potential for positive change. So mark your calendars and prepare to experience the magic of Cheba Hut’s 420 Block Party— it’s an event you won’t want to miss!

Article by Danni Golden

Photos Courtesy of Cheba Hut

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