Santa Fe Farmers MarketABQ-Live’s Culinary Correspondent, Chef Marc Quiñones visited the Santa Fe Farmers Market to offer readers a fresh alternative to that ordinary ‘processed’ trip to the supermarket.

The Santa Fe Farmers market is something to be excited about. With the food industry trending towards local and organic, what better place to get your produce and many other goodies then right here in New Mexico at The Santa Fe Farmers Market?

Supporting your local farmers also supports our economy. By buying local, we are keeping our money right here in the great state of New Mexico. We all know that keeping our money in the state is a huge benefit to us. Another big plus to buying your groceries from the farmers market is that you are essentially cutting out the middle man (supermarkets).

When you arrive at the Santa Fe Farmers Market you immediately are hit with inspiration by the smell of fresh green chile being roasted and sold right before your very eyes! One super cool aspect to this is that you are not forced to buy in bulk. You can literally buy as little or as much as you want! More often then not you purchase the better the deal the local farmer will give you. A lot of people have no idea how much variety is offered at farmers markets until they actually see it for themselves. It’s all over the board, from various types of potatoes, squashes, peppers, chile, mushrooms, onions and garlic. The produce available at the farmers market offers pretty much something for everyone.

Produce isn’t the only thing you can find at the farmers market, there is also meat and lots of it! The Buffalo from Lamont Farms is out of this world, they offer all different types of cuts from Tenderloins, to Porterhouses, and even Ribeyes! The quality is top notch, you will thank me once you buy one of their steaks and fire it up on your grill. El Pollo Real Farms is also out there selling the most amazing chicken you’ll ever see, not to mention the great deals they have to offer.

When you go to The Santa Fe Farmers market be sure to take a basket (preferably one that rolls) if you plan on buying lots of groceries. If you forget your basket, don’t worry because they sell them there. My favorite times to go are Tuesday and Saturday mornings between 9-11am. It’s right at the Santa Fe Railyards off of 1607 Paseo de Peralta, 87501. So head to your local Farmers Market–buy plenty of fresh local goodies–then go home and have fun entertaining your friends and family!

ABQ Live Story by: Chef Marc Quiñones