In the year 1921 an infamous haunted Albuquerque Asylum for the insane mysteriously burned down in downtown, the location has been haunted by the lost souls of the wickedly insane ever since!

By Taylor Parsons

Prepare to be haunted by the disturbed souls eagerly attempting to escape their unrest of a long-forgotten insane asylum. Dragon’s House of Horror is bringing you the most chaotic and immersive fright you’ll experience this season with their latest haunted house the “Haunted Asylum.” 

The Haunted Asylum is located at 405 Central Ave NW in the heart of Downtown Albuquerque! This year you will be able to enjoy a fully engaged in-person experience trekking through never seen before multi-levels of unsettling interactions with horrifying asylum patients. Become immersed in several horrifyingly staged rooms; each meant to draw out your deepest fears. Those who find themselves too frightened to continue can reach out to a staff member who will escort them safely out otherwise prepare to face your fears because with each level comes a new frightening encounter.  

Having attended many haunted attractions in different states, I can confidently say that this was a one-of-a-kind experience! The live actors put their heart into their characters and will get your heart pumping as if you had just run a marathon! The blood-curdling screams of patients forced to check-in long ago and those who dare to sign away their sanity leave you with a sense of impending doom.

Despite the scares that await around each corner the Haunted Asylum still adheres to Dragon’s House of Horror strict rule: you will not be touched by the actors. This leaves room to have an enjoyable experience without being worried that you will be manhandled by staff. In return Dragon’s House of Horror asks for the same courtesy to be returned by all guests, no matter how entranced a guest is by the actor’s costume they are asked not to touch any staff members. This was relieving for many such as myself who are still on high alert from last year’s pandemic.  

In addition to the actual haunt, Dragon’s House of Horror has supplemental entertainment waiting for guests with special days featuring music from local musician Synyster Vail who annihilates the guitar while engaging with the risk-takers awaiting their fate and captivating all of their senses with a mesmerizing performance. You’ll also have a chance to check out local vendors at the haunt such as Amber’s Crochet where you can pick up some unique jewelry pieces while you’re enjoying the live music and distant shrieks. 

  It has been two years since we have participated in a walk-through haunted house, and this one did not disappoint! The owner of Dragon’s House of Horror, Ron Gideon, wanted to guarantee that fellow New Mexicans were able to experience the thrills that come from a walk-through encounter this year and his tireless work to do so did not disappoint. The unique setup of multiple levels, fog, and strobe lights will leave you feeling as if you are ghost hunting in an authentic abandoned asylum. 

  Immersed within the city near the hopping bar scene, the Haunted Asylum is perfect for an adult night out, so consider leaving the kiddos at home for this one. Too scared to venture alone? Bring a friend or family member, and you will have the esteem of having walked through New Mexico’s most unconventional yet spine-tingling haunted experience! 

  The Haunted Asylum premieres from Oct. 1st through Oct. 31st, with options to attend weekdays and weekends. It features special hours of operation during this Halloween week, so get ready for the most chilling time of year! Albuquerque’s iconic haunted attraction, Dragon’s House of Horror, never fails to deliver the craziest scares of the season!

For more information on Dragon’s House of Horror’s Haunted Asylum visit their event page here or to grab your ticket for this weekend’s haunt click here.