It’s that time of year again! ABQLive’s SummerWeen is back for its 10 Year Anniversary, bringing the Halloween vibes to the summer heat on July 27th at Effex Nightclub.

Get ready for an unforgettable night filled with drink specials, live dancers, face and body painting, and a costume contest that promises to be fierce. 

This isn’t your typical Halloween bash—it’s a sizzling, sexy, and stylish celebration where your creativity can run wild. Whether you’re channeling a classic horror vibe, embodying your favorite pop culture icon, or flaunting a fantastical look, we’ve got the hottest costume trends to help you stand out. Dive into our guide, find your inspiration, and prepare to turn heads at the most electrifying party of the summer.

Carmy from FX’s The Bear

In your cooking era? Carmy is the perfect costume for SummerWeen, not to mention all you need is a white T-Shirt and a blue apron! You can even get creative with the tattoos everyone loves!

Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Obsessed’ Outfit

Everyone loved the cheerleader outfit from the good 4 u video, why not switch it up and dress up in your favorite black flowy dress and add the obsessed sash? Not to mention this can be a great group costume. Have your friends dress in their favorite white dresses and wear sashes that say Miss Put Him In Therapy, Miss Thought He Was The One, or Miss First Kiss!

Chappell Roan’s Tiny Desk Outfit

Everyone’s favorite Midwest Princess! One of music’s top rising stars has many iconic looks, but our favorite was her look for her Tiny Desk Concerts! All you need is a fluffy bright pink dress with gloves, thigh-high socks, some silver heels, and of course a tiara! Don’t forget to add some trinkets to your hair and go all out with your drag makeup!

Emotions from the Inside Out Franchise

We all have our favorite characters from Inside Out! Grab a group of friends and dress up as your favorite emotions from both films! This idea is perfect for those bigger groups!

Oliver and Felix from Saltburn at the Midsummer Night’s Dream Party

Celebrate SummerWeen with one of the most popular movies of the year! Dressing up as Oliver and Felix from Saltburn is not only a great duo costume but it also works if you’re by yourself! All you really need is the antlers or the wings!


As SummerWeen 2024 at Effex Nightclub approaches, it’s time to finalize your costume and get ready for an epic night. With our trendy costume ideas in your arsenal, you’re set to steal the spotlight and make a memorable impression. Whether you’re dancing the night away, enjoying the drink specials, or competing in the costume contest, your look will be the talk of the party. Embrace the sexy, spooky, and stylish vibes of SummerWeen, and prepare for a night of unforgettable fun. Get your tickets today HERE! We’ll see you on July 27—let the SummerWeen festivities begin! 

Article By ABQLive Staff

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