By Madison Spratto and Nichole Harwood

Calling all procrastinators! Do you need a costume for our Haunted Halloween House Party on October 31st? Halloween is just days away, which means it’s crunch time on finding the perfect costume. But no fear, here is a list of some fun, easy last minute costumes that anybody can pull off!

Smarty Pants: While you’re at the store stock piling candy for trick-or-treaters, pick up a bag of Smarties and boom, you have a costume! If you are really tight on time and don’t have the necessary crafting skills, feel free to keep them in a wrapper. If you want to ensure your costume won’t fall off, pick up a cheap pair of jeans and grab some hot glue. Best part? At the end of the night you have a snack.

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Men in Black. This costume can go from work to party with only the addition of sunglasses. Just because it’s men in black doesn’t mean ladies can’t participate (cue Laura Vasquez), just grab a black blazer and dress pants and you have an easy, quick costume. 

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Fifty Shades of Grey. No, this isn’t what you think. Take a stroll down the paint sample section of Home Depot and you got your costume. Pick out 50 grey samples and some tape, and you have your easy costume that will ensure some laughs. Of course if you have some more time, buy a few props and you may be mistaken for Christian Grey himself.  

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Breadwinner. If you’re big into puns, you’ll be big into this costume; all it takes is a few plastic medals, sweatband, and a couple loaves of bread.

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Alien. If you have the time, becoming an alien really just takes glitter, and a lot of it. No need to get the expensive stuff, temporary hair dye and face glitter can be found in stores such as Walmart; the total costume coming to just over $30. Get a shiny shirt and some leggings to finish the look off. 

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Miss Universe: Who doesn’t like getting an award? Show everyone that you are truly the center of the universe by dressing up as Miss Universe. This costume is a great excuse to not only buy a new dress, but buy flowers for the most important person in the universe. You!

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Bob Ross and Art: Looking for a last minute costume idea for not just one but two? Then dive into your artistic side and dress up as Bob Ross and one of his fantastic pieces of art! As Bob Ross said “There’s nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend.”

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Clown: Do you need a costume that can literally be put together with only the contents of your makeup bag? Well here you go! Everyone may not love clowns but they sure love how easy it is to dress up as one!

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Inside of a Dryer: Are some of you socks missing the other pair? Put them to good use for Halloween and go as the inside of your dryer! Considering it costs nothing you literally have nothing to lose!

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Superman…kinda: Did you have your heart on being a superhero this Halloween but literally forgot about that dream until the last minute? Lucky for you Superman is the easiest superhero to pull off! Find your favorite hero’s shirt at your local Walmart and shove it under a button up shirt and your halfway to becoming the Man of Steel himself!

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