In the eclectic landscape of New Mexico, where diverse cultures converge, there exists a maestro of ink who has been etching stories onto the canvases of skin for over three decades. Orlando Sedillo, the creative force behind ‘2nd  Chances,’ stands as a testament to the enduring artistry of tattooing.

Orlando’s journey into the world of tattooing was an artistic calling that manifested during his teenage years. When friends sought tattoos without the means to afford professional artists,  Orlando, with his artistic background, stepped up to the challenge. Little did he know that this moment would become a pivotal chapter in his life, shaping his destiny as a tattoo artist. 

“I’ve been tattooing for over 30 years now,  always in New Mexico, but I have done many out-of-state conventions as well,” Orlando shares, reflecting on the wealth of experience that has made him a stalwart presence in the local tattoo community. 

‘2nd Chances,’ Orlando’s private studio, distinguishes itself by offering an intimate and distraction-free environment. As the sole artist, he provides clients with undivided attention, fostering not just a professional relationship but genuine connections that extend beyond the tattoo chair. Specializing in cover-ups and restorations, Orlando has earned acclaim for his diverse and proficient styles, with vibrant colorwork being a hallmark of his art. His adaptability ensures that each piece resonates with the unique stories and preferences of his clients.

Incorporating the rich tapestry of New Mexico’s culture into his designs, Orlando’s portfolio showcases everything from hot air balloons to the iconic Sandia Mountains. Zia symbols are seamlessly woven into his creations, reflecting his deep connection to the local culture. 

When asked about the most memorable tattoos he’s crafted, Orlando humbly acknowledges the diversity of stories encapsulated in his work.  From heartfelt memorials to transformative cover-ups, each piece bears significance, marking moments of personal growth and resilience. For those contemplating their first tattoo, Orlando emphasizes thorough research in both choosing an artist and finalizing the design. Collaboration, he notes, is key to ensuring a tattoo that stands as a testament to one’s identity and journey. 

As for the future of tattooing in New Mexico, Orlando sees a vibrant path ahead. With ever-advancing techniques and technology, coupled with growing societal acceptance, the tattoo industry is poised for a bright and busy future. To aspiring  tattoo artists, Orlando offers sage advice: “Never give up, never surrender!” In the skilled hands of  Orlando Sedillo, the legacy of tattooing in New Mexico continues to be a canvas for stories,  self-expression, and enduring artistry.


Article By ABQLive CEO/Founder Josh Vanlandingham

Photos Courtesy of ABQLive

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