Do you feel like your body needs a break from the stress of daily life? Like your wellness routine needs an extra boost?

As someone who values health and wellness, I’m always looking for new and innovative ways to care for my body. That’s why I was thrilled to try out Restore Hyper Wellness’s wellness services with my ABQ-Live the Magazine team. After experiencing their range of treatments firsthand, I can confidently say that this business is a game changer when rejuvenating the mind and body. 

Restore Hyper Wellness is located in the beautiful Northeast Heights and offers various wellness services like cryotherapy, compression therapy, red light therapy, facials, infrared sauna, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, intramuscular shots, and even IV drip therapies enhanced with vitamins and minerals. We got a tour of the facility and got the details on the services and the benefits of each. From the moment we walked in, we were greeted by friendly and knowledgeable staff who made us feel right at home. The facility itself is clean and cozy, with lots of natural light and lush green plants throughout. We filled out some quick paperwork in the main lobby with large windows that perfectly showcase the picturesque Sandia Mountains. It’s clear that a lot of thought and care has been put into the design of this space, making it a truly inviting place to be. 

One of the first services we tried was cryotherapy. For those who are unfamiliar, cryotherapy involves stepping into a chamber that’s been cooled to subzero temperatures for a short period of time. It may sound intimidating, but it’s an incredibly invigorating experience that leaves you feeling energized and refreshed. The staff at Restore Hyper Wellness explained the process to us in great detail, making us feel at ease before the session. 

The cryotherapy experience is beneficial for reducing inflammation and boosting the immune system. It also helps to increase circulation, reduce pain and soreness, and improve overall skin health. As someone constantly juggling work and family responsibilities, which puts lots of stress on my system, I found this was the perfect way to give my body a much-needed reset and boost. Before stepping into the chamber, a staff member gave me a high-quality soft robe, socks, and slippers. She also provided me with mittens to protect my hands. She set the machine, and I watched it fill with cold fog. Then came the fun part – I hopped in and listened to some energetic music while I let the cold air go to work on my body. Before I knew it, 2 minutes were up, and she helped me exit the chamber. I felt like a new person! Our team’s Social Media Manager, Dana, also tried Cryotherapy and said this of her experience, “Honestly, I was scared/anxious about the Cryotherapy, but the employees made sure I was super comfortable the whole time, and I even got to play my music which helped with the freezing cold temperatures! They told me I would get a great night’s sleep after, AND I DID!” I’d like to add that I also slept like a baby that night! 

Another service that we tried was compression therapy. This involves wearing special boots, sleeves, or shorts that are connected to a machine that inflates and deflates them in a specific pattern, essentially massaging your body and increasing circulation. While this may sound odd, I can assure you that it’s incredibly relaxing and therapeutic. Restore offers compression therapy for the legs, hips, and arms, and the treatments last sixty minutes. Compression therapy is excellent for athletes or anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet, as it helps to reduce swelling, improve muscle recovery, and prevent injury. But even if you’re not particularly active, this is a great way to give your legs a break and reduce any discomfort or pain you may be experiencing. I work out regularly and experience tightness and soreness in

my hips, so I went with the hips option, while Dana did legs, and the owner of our Magazine, Josh, opted for arms. The staff helped us put on our sleeves and guided us through the process to ensure we got the most out of the experience. It was incredibly relaxing! 

One of my personal favorite services that we tried was red light therapy. This involves lying down or standing under a special light that emits red wavelengths, which have been shown to penetrate the skin and stimulate collagen production. Not only does this help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but it also helps to improve overall skin health and reduce inflammation. But that’s not all – red light therapy has also been shown to improve mood, reduce pain and inflammation, and promote better sleep. After just one session, I felt more relaxed and rejuvenated than I had in weeks. The red light is very calming and has a soothing effect on the mind and body. Josh opted in for the red light therapy as well, “Between cryo and red light therapy, I felt like a brand new man afterward, and I slept like a baby that night. I can’t recommend it enough. What a great experience. Cannot wait to get back in on a regular basis.” 

One service we did not experience but witnessed firsthand was IV drip therapy. IV drips are great for anyone who wants to boost their overall health and wellness, as they provide your body with the essential vitamins and minerals it needs to function at its best. They’re also a great way to combat dehydration or replenish your body after a particularly grueling workout or night out. 

Our team was able to try just a few of the services offered at Restore Hyper Wellness, but there are so many more! We all got memberships so that we can return and take full advantage of their offerings. Restore Hyper Wellness has memberships that range in price, so you can find the one that’s right for you. Overall, my experience at Restore Hyper Wellness was genuinely exceptional. The services are impactful, and they have some of the best staff in town! Not in Albuquerque? No worries – they also have a location in Santa Fe! Visit today to elevate your wellness experience! 

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“I had a great first experience at Restore Hyper Wellness. After a recent shoulder injury and speaking to one of Restore’s professional and knowledgeable staff they recommended I use the isolated cryotherapy on my injured shoulder. The staff member assisted in this procedure making sure the injured area was well covered and after a short time I could feel some immediate relief. While I was there I also tried the red light therapy service and leg compression. Both were great! I’ll definitely be making Restore Hyper Wellness a part of my health and wellness routine.” – Kori Kobayashi, Co-Owner/Editor in Chief, ABQ-Live the Magazine 

“At Restore Hyper Wellness, they really treat you like family! Every employee called me by name and walked me through the whole process with no problem. I went through their Red Light Therapy and Cryotherapy sessions. Honestly, I was scared/anxious about the Cryotherapy, but the employees made sure I was super comfortable the whole time, and I even got to play my own music which helped with the freezing cold temperatures! They told me I would get a great night’s sleep after, AND I DID! I honestly slept like a rock, and I have been having trouble

sleeping the past few nights. I would definitely recommend anyone to go see the staff at Restore Hyper Wellness at Ventura Place. They also offer custom IV drips, Oxygen Facials, and a Sauna, just to name a few! ” – Dana Sanchez, Social Media Accounts Manager, ABQ-Live the Magazine 

“First off, the staff was incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. They made me feel really comfortable about trying each of their services. It was my first time doing cryotherapy and I can’t recommend it enough. Between that and the red-light room, I felt like a brand new man afterwards and I slept like a baby that night. What a great experience. Cannot wait to get back in on a regular basis. “ – Josh Vanlandingham, Owner, ABQ-Live the Magazine

Article by Danni Golden

Photos Courtesy of Instagram

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