Cup, Sweet Cup!

Anyone who lives in New Mexico can tell you that the sunsets here are indescribable. Pink and orange never seemed to look so good until the sun painted them together in the horizon. Rays of light beaming in every single direction, bright enough to blind a driver on their way home. Cotton candy clouds begin to blanket the sun as it sets behind the cherry-colored Sandia Mountains. An experience only New Mexicans are lucky enough to experience.

Now imagine being able to drink that sunset; taking in orange and pink layered flavors, with cherry-colored pearls floating up and down the horizon, and finally topped with a sky blue cloud of cotton candy. Well you can, at Albuquerque’s very own Sweet Cup Espresso and Boba Bar.

Boba tea is a Taiwanese drink that primarily focuses on black, green, and milk based drinks. Traditionally, it is served with tapioca pearls called “Boba”, meaning “big pearls”. Being that it is not widely known in the United States, Sweet Cup took the initiative to add some familiarity by adding coffee into boba tea. “It’s seriously super delicious! We wanted everyone to experience 

something unique,” says Robert Punya, owner of Sweet Cup.

Sweet Cup not only offers a wide variety of drinks, but also have a selection of mouth watering pastries and breakfast options. One of which includes musubi, a popular lunch food from Hawaii that is composed of spam in between two blocks of rise wrapped with nori. While you’re at it, scoop up a strawberry croissant sandwich for your boss to explain why you’re late to work; you just couldn’t decide with all the incredible options at Sweet Cup!

Try everything in sight, just don’t forget to Instagram it! Sweet Cup doesn’t only make their drinks taste delicious, but look delicious, too. Tweet a photo of your milk tea topped with a mini donut. Instagram your ombré sunset colored drink topped with Sweet Cup’s famous whipped cream cheese and cereal. Couldn’t pick a single tea? Take a Snapchat of their duo cup! Whatever you do just don’t forget to tag them @sweetcupabq to brag to your friends where you get your aesthetically pleasing and scrumptious breakfast.

If that’s still not enough to get you try something new and delectable, you get 10% at Sweet Cup when you dine-in at their father company, Poki Poki Cevicheria. Equally as delicious and colorful. Join their FiveStar rewards, and get a free boba tea after you buy ten boba tea drinks, which should not be hard considering how often you will go here.

Sweet Cup is the new up and coming, so why wait? Invite all your friends and family to the Grand Opening on November 17, 2018 from 9 a.m to 9 p.m and be the friend who knows what’s hip and happening.

November 13, 2019 by Ana Gutierrez