Want to impress the family with a flawless spread of amazingly delicious food? We got you! Here are a collection of Holiday Menu Ideas sure to impress everyone at the dinner table this year! 

By Dana Agatha

Between all the holiday shopping and the crazy out-of-town in-laws, you might find yourself struggling to create the perfect holiday menu. Luckily, I have compiled a list of some of my favorite holiday dishes with step-by-step recipes to help you along the way. 

Drink – Christmas Fruit Punch

This Christmas Fruit Punch made from scratch will put you and your family in the holiday spirit! This recipe is relatively easy to make, and you can even get the little ones involved with cutting up the fruits. From my Ranch to your Kitchen makes cooking fun and a bonding experience, as she shares recipes from her family to ours!

Breakfast – Chilaquiles Two Ways

Cooking Hack: If you are not into using oil to make tortillas chips, you can always buy some chips in your preferred brand from the store! Chilaquiles has recently been one of my favorite breakfast meals when I’m feeling extra! In this recipe, Joshua Weissman shows us how to make two different versions of chilaquiles (Verde y Rojo).

Breakfast – Overnight Cinnamon Rolls

Who does not love waking up to the smell of cinnamon rolls? Laura in the Kitchen introduces this simple recipe is perfect for people who love to sleep in! You can prepare these cinnamon rolls overnight then put them in the fridge for breakfast the next day.

Dinner – Turkey Five Ways

Babish shows us how to cook a turkey varying in difficulties in this recipe. Please remember if deep frying, make sure your turkey is entirely/correctly thawed, and make sure your oil is at the correct temperature. A frozen turkey not only won’t cook evenly, but the excess moisture could also cause overflow, or a fire – oil that’s too hot could quickly cause overflow!

Dinner – Tamales

Tamales are a MUST for the holiday season at my house! Here is an easy-to-follow beef tamale recipe from Simply Mamá Cooks. This recipe is excellent for bonding with friends and family as you all can sit around the table and fill those corn husk! She also includes a pork and pineapple recipe in her video description if beef is not your preferred meat of choice. 

Dessert – Bizcochitos

Bizcochitos are considered a holiday dessert staple in New Mexico. This Bizcochito recipe is sure to bring the family together for the holiday season! Mrs. Manzanares walks us through her family history and how close she holds this recipe to her heart.

Dessert – Apple Pie

Claire Saffitz takes us through her simple yet classic apple pie recipe. Be assured; this apple pie will make you feel like you are receiving a warm hug! This recipe is excellent for bringing to a holiday party or keeping the pie all for yourself. 

Leftovers Upgraded

“I have so many leftovers from the holidays! What now?” If you catch yourself saying this after family dinner, then this video is for you! Sohla carefully shows us how to cook upgraded versions of different meals using our holiday leftovers. 

Hopefully, you will feel more prepared after watching these recipe videos for our Top Holiday Menu Ideas for 2021 and new family traditions ideas. Please be safe this holiday season. May your bellies and hearts be full!

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