The countdown has begun, less than a week until Summerween and with costume contests and kick-ass prizes up for grabs it’s time you start planning what ensemble you’ll sport.

Whether you’re looking for scary, funny, or sexy DIY costumes are always a hit so here are 15 do it yourself costume ideas to inspire your Hallow’s Eve spirit in August:

1. Bloody Torso in A Suitcase (I think): Maybe you guys have a better title for this costume but, title or no title, it’ll get some attention.

Girl in suitcase?

2. Rock, Paper, Scissors: Grab two friends and play rock, paper, scissors to decide who’s who, this is a cool idea for a group costume and you can even find a full tutorial of this DIY here.

Rock Paper Scissors

3. Ginger Bread Man: Hey Josh, you can put your costume search to an end.


4. Boobs: You might need to keep your hubby close for this one to make sense.

couple costume

5. Soap and a loofah: We go together like peanut butter and jelly, like a hand and a glove, like peas and carrots; like hygiene products.


6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: If you and your friends have ever bonded over the urge to paint your entire bodies green then this is definitely the costume for you.


7. Kool-Aid Man: No shirt required, need I say more?


8. Strawberry:  “… Oooooohhh I get it.”


9. Starbucks Cups: Can you even?


10. Castaway Tom Hanks & Wilson: Show the world you’ve found your Wilson.


11. Zoolander: Life isn’t all about being ridiculously good looking but you can just call this look Blue Steel.


12. Pageant Girls: Just because Honey Boo Boo’s show was cancelled doesn’t mean we can’t keep the Toddlers & Tiaras humor alive.


13. Shark Week: Simple but great, another cool group costume idea (by the way, Shark Week starts on July 5th this year!).


14. Golddigger: If you want a costume and for the song Gold Digger by Kanye West to be stuck in your head for the next two weeks, look no further.


15. One Night Stand: Nothing beats a good pun.


There you have it, few ideas of some DIY costumes that might just be cool enough to earn a prize at the ABQ Live event Summerween on AUGUST 10th at The Salt Yard

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