‘Tis the season for DIY! Halloween costumes come in many forms, from Pinterest masterpieces to white T-shirts with a single word written in Sharpie.

Here are just a few great DIY Halloween costumes:

1. Dia De Los Muertos Makeup: Sugar skull makeup is recognizable and easy to make unique, check out this simple tutorial of how to master the look.


2. (Underachieving) Wolverine: There’s no need to waste money on a fancy Wolverine costume from a department store when you have everything you’d need right in your very own kitchen.


3. Mariachi Band: Guitars, fake mustaches, sombreros… Costume complete.


4. Life: Sometimes the best costumes are a white T-shirt with a single word written in Sharpie.


5. Flo & Mayhem: The Flo Halloween costume is great by itself but even better when paired with Mayhem from the Allstate commercials.


6. A Giant Popsicle: This just goes to show, everything has been thought of.


7. Anemone from Finding Nemo: For those who don’t mind saying the word “Anemone” a million times.


8. Facebook: Ah Jim, your pranks on Dwight and Facebook Halloween costume will never cease to amuse me.


9. Your Own Pet: While scouring Pinterest for DIY costumes I stumbled across this article from the Martha Stewart website. A step by step tutorial on how to make a cut-out of your own dog’s face to use as a Halloween costume…


10. Goldilocks & The 3 Bears: Modern twist to a classic tale.


11. Grumpy Cat: Only the coolest people will dress up as memes, but if you think you’re up to the challenge this makeup DIY will help you pull it off perfectly.


12. Rollercoaster Enthusiasts: For the advanced.


13. Starbucks Cup: Have they ever spelled your name right?


14. Cheech & Chong: Traditionally Cheech & Chong is a pair costume but here is the perfect answer for the trio still looking for their costume.


15. La Llorona: If you’re from New Mexico you’ve heard of this story and now you can master the look by watching this step by step tutorial.