An Albuquerque company has officially launched its interactive dining experience in the heart of downtown. Located next to Duel Brewery, 610 Central Ave. is the new home to StoryLab Interactive’s latest project – a dining experience that was truly out of this world.

Upon entering, guests are welcomed and immediately can pick up on the theme, which is currently called “Space Returns”. The dining experience starts off by encouraging guests to explore the open space and interactive art while making sure to get that prime photo for your Instagram (FYI- it will be your coolest Insta photo.)

The five course meal was not only delicious and thoughtfully presented but even the menu contained plenty of clever “space” puns and wordplay for each item (a “Rocket Salad” arugula dish and a “Starfruit Halo Halo” dessert, just to name a few).  The dinner was presented and served by Savor and with each course, a perfectly paired wine was served as well.

Service was impeccable as each dish was explained before we “dug in”.

Space-guided voices and different galactic scenarios continued as the remaining courses were served. At one point, guests were even presented with a squash bisque in what looked very similar to a “space bag” before using it as an exquisite sauce for the salmon and short ribs course.

The immersive dining experience provided a spotlight for where your plate sat and the lights responded to your moving hands – which made it impossible to NOT interact and appreciate what was happening with those around you.

The homegrown startup company will continue these dinners every Friday and Saturday night at 610 Central Ave. and tickets are required so be sure to grab tickets in advance.

Overall, the entire experience was unlike anything that this city has offered before. Sure, there have been interactive art exhibits but StoryLab Interactive has taken that to the next level by appealing to all senses with this unique dining experience.


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Written by Brenda Paiz

Photography by Kori Kobayashi