By Dana Agatha

As stated on the Creativity Warehouse’s website, “Our goal is to enrich people’s lives by encouraging and fostering creativity while having fun.” Creativity Warehouse certainly lives up to that statement!

Creativity Warehouse is located at 1950 Juan Tabo Blvd NE. It is an arts and crafts workspace that is a warm and welcoming environment for all ages and abilities. They provide a Paint-Your-Own-Pottery studio, pottery studio with wheel and hand-building classes, as well as open studio hours, beading classes, painting classes, and acrylic pour, to name a few!

The excellent staff promptly greeted my partner and me when I first walked in. They made the awkwardness of going to a new place not so awkward. I decided to take beginner pottery for this class, considering I am not profoundly familiar with the medium. This class was around two hours long. It was very intimate and hosted by the owner herself, Tommie. She has almost 20 years of experience working with clay but 35 years of being an avid crafter.

Tommie, let us explore this new medium without shame. Tommie compassionately walked us through the simple steps of making our pinch and coil pots. Pottery places I have been to in the past usually will not allow us to use our imagination with certain classes, but Tommie was an excellent teacher in that aspect! Another benefit of this pottery class was that we got to take our time with the projects—definitely a plus for beginners like me. 

After we finished (I honestly would have worked on it for hours until it was “perfect”) our pinch pots, we relocated to THE WHEEL. Between you and me, I was incredibly terrified of throwing clay! What if it came out horrible?! I quickly and quietly prayed to Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore to give me strength before sitting down at the wheel.

Harry, the other owner, was the one to teach us the wheel. He has over 25 years of experience in clay, so I felt that I was in good hands. One great thing about Creativity Warehouse’s small classes is that all participants got to have their wheel.

Harry was straightforward and easygoing while teaching us the basics of throwing clay. After getting a bit messy, the feeling of fear and self-judgment promptly went away. Harry clarified that we could explore the clay and did not necessarily need to make a bowl. What a relief! I was able to go wild with my imagination! I ended up making a wonky, lopsided bowl and a bowl that resembled a flower. Another participant made somewhat of a chalice! I was highly proud of the pieces our group made. 

A few days later, my partner and I came back in to glaze our pieces. We decided to paint our works rather than dipping them in the glaze. We felt we could be a bit more creative that way. Painting our pottery was calming, but I could not wait to see the outcome!

After waiting another couple of days for our pieces to fire in the kiln, we finally got the call. Our pottery was ready! They turned out beautiful! For the first time working with clay, I was impressed by the results. I now use my handmade pinch pots for small jewelry. It matches perfectly with my bathroom’s aesthetic. My partner is going to use his piece as a shot glass!

Whether you are taking a pottery class or painting in the studio, Creativity Warehouse offers a pleasant, safe atmosphere alongside therapeutic ways of making art that you can take home! These handmade pots would make the perfect custom gift for a loved one or a unique statement piece for your home. 

Creativity Warehouse is open Monday through Saturday from 10 AM – 6 PM most days. They are currently offering plenty of Christmas-themed classes to get you into the holiday spirit. Register for a class, book a party, rent studio time, learn a new skill, or pop in to purchase some local art as a gift! Whatever you decide, Creativity Warehouse has your back for all your creative needs. 




For more information on Creativity Warehouse, visit their website or check out their Instagram @creativity.warehouse 

Looking to shop local? Creativity Warehouse will be at Winter Wonderland Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! This year, make sure to visit Winter Wonderland for a winter holiday experience! Winter Wonderland will feature an optional Walking Tour along with local vendors to enjoy and even a chance to take your picture with Santa Claus! This event runs from Nov. 24 through Jan. 2. grab your tickets here!