Meet “Hellanor” : To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Ford Mustang, ABQ-Live the Magazine sat down with Dave Rachau, President and Principal Researcher for Armageddon Turbo Systems and Motiva Performance Engineering to talk about “Hellanor”.

HellanorDave, who are you and why do you matter? 

I am the President and Principal Researcher for Armageddon Turbo Systems and Motiva Performance Engineering, LLC. I matter because I’m special. I’m special because my momma said so.

We heard you just did your first burnout, can you explain the how it was?

First burnout was about 18 years ago good sir. I did however do my first standing burnout in this vehicle about a month ago. It was your run of the mill burnout, only 50x more rad because it was at Hoonigan, home of Ken Block, in a 1200 Horsepower Mustang. Far from home. #nobigdeal

So now that that is out of that way, what started your obsession with making things go fast?

You know, for me it comes down just pushing the performance envelope. I’m always into pushing the boundaries in all directions. What are the limitations holding us back from greater performance? Is there a better way to do this?

Is that how the Armageddon brand came to be? What is Armageddon in a nutshell?

Armageddon was definitely born as an answer for the question “Is there a better way to do this?”. Armageddon, as a brand, uses components from leaders in the automotive aftermarket industry. So often consumers buy a product and then have to commit thought to improving what was already sold to them. Our mission at Armageddon is to avoid having to do that altogether.

What was Armageddons role in creating Hellanor”?

“Hellanor” was provided to us by Hyperstangs @ Rich Ford here in Albuquerque for the purposes of building a SEMA car for Garrett Turbochargers. The widebody kit, wheels and suspension were already installed allowing us to install the complete Armageddon catalog of powertrain components into the vehicle (installed and tuned at Motiva Performance). After SEMA we wanted to prove the reliability and power of the Armageddon product line so we took this car on 2,000 Mile road trip through the Southwestern United States. On the trip we stopped at 5 different dynos and put down more than 1,000 horsepower to the rear wheels at each stop. For SEMA we really cranked on the boost on this car and it laid down its best power yet at 1,439 Horsepower to the REAR WHEELS
Armageddon Components installed on Vehicle:
-Turbo System: Armageddon GTX3582R Turbo System (1500+ Horsepower Capable)
-Engine: 5.0L Ford Coyote Engine with Armageddon MPS 1500 Shortblock, Boss 302 Intake Manifold, High-Boost Valve Springs and Exhaust Camshafts
-Fuel System: Armageddon Triple-Pump Fuel System and Injector Dynamics 1300cc Fuel Injectors
-Drivetrain: Armageddon 4” Driveshaft, McLeod RXT Twin-Disc Clutch
-Methanol Injection, Boost Controller and Boost Failsafe System

Why do you prefer to use turbos instead of superchargers in your kits?

Turbochargers give you a broad range of power options. 1,000+ Horsepower is too much for a car to put down at normal speeds. Turbochargers allow you to turn the power down to a more manageable 600 horsepower and then turn it all the way up when conditions permit. Also, turbochargers produce much more efficient horsepower than Superchargers so it is a natural choice given our company mission.

Do you have any other crazy vehicles in the works?

We have a couple of vehicles currently being built, but you’ll have to wait till SEMA 2015 to see them! Our products are shipping all over the world, however and you will see Armageddon powering some crazy projects from Australia, Sweden, Kuwait, Qatar and Dubai shortly (World’s Fastest Delivery Van, Highest Horsepower Street Legal Mustang in the European Union, etc. etc. etc.)

How can people get a hold of you for info or to buy a kit?

You can contact Motiva Performance directly for Armageddon products at (505)883-8388. We’re also very engaged with social media so don’t miss us on facebook at facebook.com/motivaperformance, facebook.com/goturbo.net or on the web at www.goturbo.net.

Photography by Kori Kobayashi

Models: Kyle Crawford and Michaela Hajkova

Hair and Makeup by GoGo Mel

See Hellanor in action as professional driver, Dan Brockett (AKA ‘Officer Dan’) takes her across country to reach 5k in 5 states below