ABQ-Live Adventures takes a trip up North to Angel Fire to enjoy some wintertime fun.  

Angel Fire 

Article By Kori Kobayashi

We often forget how lucky we are to live in a city with such a diverse array of ecosystems to enjoy. From the Sandia mountains to the Rio Grande River, we are afforded a handful of adventures right outside our doorstep.

Angel Fire Resort contacted our team about coming out and enjoying a weekend up North in the high country. We couldn’t resist. We left on a cloudy Friday afternoon with a truck packed full of clothes, food, friends, equipment and a few other key essentials for the great adventure ahead. A couple hours later, when the truck pulled in and everyone tumbled out into the falling snow, we knew we had made it.Angel Fire

After checking into Angel Fire Resort we dropped our stuff off in the rooms, put the beer on the patio and hit the local pub. We spent the rest of the night listening to the house band and meeting some of the locals and other ‘adventurers’ in town.

The next morning, after the fresh snow fall and a big breakfest, we hit the mountain. The clear blue bird skies and fresh powder were perfect conditions for an awesome day on the slopes in Angel Fire.

After a handful of morning runs, a light lunch and a beer, we were all ready to finish the day out strong.  As the daylight faded, we stayed in town to grab some dinner at a local restaurant before making our way back to Albuquerque to rest from another succesful  ABQ-Live Adventure.

Find out more about Angel Fire Resort or call them at (844) 218-4107

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