When I first heard about this new Duke City eatery I was super excited because I knew that Albuquerque could always use something new, exciting and authentically original, and with Heimat House that’s exactly what I experienced…

1. Chef, owner and resident all-star Carri Phillis. From the second I was introduced by ABQ-Live CEO Josh VanLandingham I immediately picked up on her deep passion for what she does. She wasted no time telling me about her German roots and inspiration for her incredibly tasty recipes. She proudly resides from Heidelberg, Germany and it shows in all of her authentically distinct dishes.

2. The ambiance. Walking into Heimat House, the intoxicating aromas of authentic German cuisine smacks you in the nose. The dining room has a very nice and cozy feel to it as a result. Plenty of elbow room, yet you still feel close to your company.

3. The Schnitzel! For those of you who don’t know what this is, it is a thin, crispy piece of breaded and deep fried pork. Their version of the dish does not disappoint. In fact, the Schnitzel delivers a plethora of deep, concentrated flavors.

4. Hot, crispy and gooey bread… When I go out to eat I always pay close attention to the bread, so when Chef Carri told me that she baked her own bread, I was eager to taste it! All I can say is that it was so good I kept on eating it, and eating it, and eating it… With every course that I had, I made sure to have some of Chef Carri’s delicious bread.

5. The Beer Garden.. Is soon to be finished and boasts the most amazing selection of European and Novelty Beers. Talk about the perfect place to haveHeimat House a nice home cooked meal and enjoy a cold one! With over two dozen beers on tap, there is bound to be a beer that will peak your interest. There are a few beers on this menu that Carri worked hard to secure and that you will not be able to find anywhere else in the entire state of New Mexico.

6. The Bavarian Pretzel with Homemade BEER CHEESE!!!! Oh my sweet heaven was this dish unforgettable! The Pretzel arrives plump and hot with a moist interior. The Beer Cheese is warm, gooey and full of deep flavors. This is the perfect dish to snack on while enjoying one of their many awesome beer offerings.

7. My personal favorite, The Wurst plate. For under $7, a plate filled with a variety of different hand crafted sausages arrive at your table. Each one has its own distinct texture and flavor profile that keeps you digging in for more. Did I mention the bread?? Well make sure you ask for more because these sausages go GREAT with Chef Carri’s homemade bread.

8. Meatballs in Sour Cream. These huge round hunks of beef are probably the moistest and succulent meatballs I have ever had in my life. Served with German Noodles and a light Sour Cream sauce, this dish is perfect for sharing but it tastes so good you are going to want to keep it all to yourself!

9. Who likes cabbage? I do! And let me tell you, it’s very easy to try different styles of cabbage and not be able to tell them apart but that is certainly not the case with how Chef Carri does her cabbage. The texture is the perfect balance between soft and crunchy and the flavor is so right on the mark that you will not need a salt or pepper shaker.

10. Community. Chef Carri Phillis, who also owns Effex Nightclub in the downtown district of Albuquerque, has done wonders for the community not only by providing employment for many locals but by being involved in multiple initiatives to give back to the city she owns and operates in. When you take her humanitarian qualities and couple them with her elevated skill set, not only as a businesswoman but as a Chef, you’ve got an individual who is geared up for what she has already accomplished, great success.

Article by Marc Quiñones

Photography by Kori Kobayashi

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