According to an Ohio State University study, men who post numerous “selfies” online tend to exhibit higher levels of narcissism and psychopathy. While my male co-workers may not POST their “selfies” as often or in general… I asked each of them to count how many photos of themselves they DO have in each of their phones.


So ABQ, I have decided to call this focus group “ABQ-Live Selfie Count”:

(I have also changed their names to prevent losing my job and/or getting murdered.)

  • (Anonymous Former Intern) 2 selfies out of 286 photos. As an intern, I’ve interacted with these guys and I believe it. Solid no craziness there!
  • (Anonymous Intern) 41/400 pictures. That’s 10% of his phone. TEN PERCENT? Keep 9-1-1 on speed dial, ladies.
  •  (Anonymous Photographer) We have 7 contributing photographers now—did you guys know? 😉 Anyway, his count was 45 selfies out of 487 photos. We’ll give him that since most of the time he’s taking photos of all you beautiful women out there!
  • (Anonymous ABQ-Live Guy) 64 selfies out of 2,263… it should be okay to give out your number to this one without a background check. However, he did get lazy and stopped counting due to the high volume of photos so, do not trust him with any big tasks.
  • (Anonymous ABQ-Live Contributor) One of the guys LITERALLY had ZERO selfies on his phone. (I checked) He had a totally of 51 photos, though. Must be a new phone… 😉 Still, be careful ladies.
  •  (Another Anonymous Intern) 2 selfies out of 171 photos. He also either just got a new phone or isn’t attached to technology. If this is your guy ladies, call his service provider to confirm which.
  • (Anonymous ABQ-Live Advertiser) 15/847 selfies. I (politely) demanded a screenshot. (So, don’t fire me Josh!) There is no way more than half of my co-workers aren’t crazy! But, he proved it. (Better safe than sorry!)
  • (Anonymous Previously Featured Athlete) 23/772—Not much time to take selfies when you’re too busy winning medals and what not… 😉
  • (Another Anonymous Photographer) This one I was SURE of—had to have a million selfies. He “lost” his phone. We believe that…NOT!
  • (Yet Another Anonymous Photographer) A whopping 89 out of 1159 selfies. While he is the winner of the most selfies, and almost a 10%er like one of our interns, I wouldn’t call this one a psychopath. But just in case, don’t smile TOO much for the camera. (But do smile a little, again, so I don’t get fired)

Overall the crew here had a low number. So don’t be afraid to come party with us downtown or at our next event. But if you feel like something is wrong with the guy you’re dating or hanging out with…CHECK HIS SELFIES! And ladies, I speak from experience. I dated one “psychopath” that had a ton of selfies. I guess I should have realized when he pulled up and his license plate prefix was ‘Shh.’

Dubai Daredevil Selfie

For more info on this study click here.